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Initiative transparente Zivilgesellschaft

With your support you give us your trust. We appreciate that and want to make our work as transparent as possible for you in return. Therefore, we have committed ourselves - as part of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparent Civil Society Initiative) - to make the following information available to the public and to keep them updated (Status: 07.05.2020)

1. Name, office location, address and year of foundation

  • Future E.D.M., registered association supporting senegalese children

  • Office location of the association is Wertheim.

  • Address of office: Scheffelstraße 8, 97877 Wertheim

  • Postal address: Postfach 11 11 56, 23521 Lübeck

  • Year of foundation: 2014

2. Full charter and further essential documents, that inform on the objectives of our organization


3. Information about tax exemption

Tax authorities Tauberbischofsheim, tax number  80089/20733, exemption notice for 2015 until 2017 last notice of exemption issued on April 26 2019.

4. Name and function of main decision makers

Elena Lewis, Claudia Lanzer und Julia Benthien were voted as board for a year on the 29th of September 2019


5. Activity report

Annual report 2019

6. Staff

The team

12 active volunteers in Germany


7/8. Source and use of funds.

Financial report 2019

9. Corporate law third-party affiliation

Future E.D.M. is the partner association of Elena E.D.M.

A corporate law affiliation does not exist.

10. Name of legal persons whose annual contributions are worth more than 10 % of the annual budget.

In 2019, we received large donations from our partners . The breakdown can be retraced under source of funds.

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