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Have a part – be a part

Become a supporting member and support our work with a monthly contribution of 8 Euros (or 4 Euros for students).

Become a patron for a pupil and allow a child a better perspective for the future.

There are no limits to your creativity! If company anniversary, birthday party, online campaigns, gift box, sponsorship marathon. We appreciate them all!


You want to get involved? Become part of the team. We are looking forward to welcome  you!


Become a supporting member

With only a small contribution you directly support our aims and projects such as the equipment and maintenance of the education centre.

Through a membership you become part of our association and may take part at the annual general meeting. There you will be informed about our activities ( distribution of money, activities, successes, etc.) In addition, pictures and videos will be shown as well as progress reports regarding the children. Moreover, you wil automatically receive our newsletter.

Your donation is tax-deductible and the membership can be terminated within the notice period. The contributions will be debited from your account half-yearly or yearly.

4 Euro a month (students)
8 Euros per month/ own contribution (at least 8 Euros)


Take on a School sponsorship

Officially, school attendance in Saenegal is for free. Unfortunately, families have to pay registration fees and necessary school materials which some of them can not afford. Especially girls are often excluded from school. More information and the compositioin of the costs can be found on the subpage “Schulpatenschaften”.
In 2014m  we started with 12 Schulpatenschaften, today we make it possible for 45 children to go to school. To enable the children to go to school in the future and to have a better chance for the future, we need you.


The contribution period iis optional – every day st school counts. In any  case, we will make sure, that the child will be able to continue his or her school attendance. If you aren't able to continue the sponsorship, please give notice as soon as possible. 

60 Euros yearly
Become a sponsor!


Alternatives (Gift-giving)

During our club history, we have met many creative and helpful people. Therefore, we can present to you a few nice givnig- alternatvies:


  • Gift box: Make a sponsorship to your present.

  • Postcards ( at least 2 Euros for 4 post cards)

  • Donation box and informaitoin material for parties, events or to set up in shops

  • Presentation of our association and the different projects at a event, etc.


You would like to make use of  these opportunities or have own ideas?

So schön!  So lebendig! So bunt! Jetzt P
Aktiv Werden

Get active!

Interested to bake cake for charity? To distribute Flyer, so everybody learns about Future E.D.M.? To assist at a flea market or accompany similar activities of Future E.D.M.? We are open to ever kind of support and are happy to see your engagement.

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