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Senegal is located along the West African coastline. Long sandy beaches and hospitality have made tourism into an important  industry  next to fishing and agriculture. Nonetheless, the country is one of the least developed countries of the global South. This is reflected by the illiteracy rate of 45%, an infant mortality of 53 deaths per 1.000 live births and  a life expectancy of of around 67,5 years. The ruling president, Macky Sall, who ensures a stable democracy in the country, is determined to improve the social and economical situation of Senegal through numerous funding projects.


… Senegal has 16,6 Mio inhabitants?


…. in Senegal people speak French among other languages?


.... Senegal ranks  Place 166 (from 189) in the Human  Development  Index?


​....  Wolof is one of the six  national languages of Senegal?


… the average age of the population is 18 years ?

For more Information concerning Senegal we suggest to look up the well structured site from the Auswärtige Amt (in german)

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