Current figures: 37 successfully placed school sponsorships

7 children still looking for sponsors

Future through education

Education - which is a matter of course in our regions, remains a dream for many children in Senegal. Many parents cannot afford the costs for school enrolment and the materials needed for school attendance. Despite compulsory education, schooling therefore remains a luxury for all those children whose parents can afford these costs.

Selection of the godchildren

​The godchildren are selected according to strict criteria by the social workers and schools cooperating with our partner association. Our aim is to support children who would definitely not be able to attend school without financial support. Most of these children are orphans, half-orphans and children of sick parents.

60 € - what will be paid from it?

"The biggest problem in the world is poverty combined with lack of education. We must ensure that education reaches everyone."

- Nelson Mandela

Contact to the godchildren


When you take over a sponsorship, we will send you a profile of your godchild in which he or she introduces himself or herself. Once a year you will also receive a little greeting with information from the Senegal. If you wish, you can be kept up to date on the progress of our work and our project on site through our newsletter.

Get to know three of our children! :)
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