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A special feature of our project structure is the partnership between the two associations Future E.D.M. in Germany and Elena E.D.M. in Senegal. Having a partner association on site has two huge advantages: On the one hand it enables us to determine the needs of the senegalese population in a direct  manner. On the other hand it increases the immediate acceptance of the projects on site.

Elena E.D.M. Is responsible for the daily business and the implementation of the projects on site. Among these are the selection of the sponsored children, the maintenance of the education center  and the formation of the health ambassadors. Future E.D.M. In Germany on  the other hand takes responsibility for the strategic direction of the projects such as the development of concepts, fundraising, evaluation and awareness campaigns.


Communication between the partner associations board members takes place via telephone conference every two weeks. In addition, there  are votings regarding the projects between the responsible on both sites. The above are based on Development cooperation at eye level . Together we discuss new ideas, develop plans and learn from each other. Thus, we make it possible  to guarantee effective support on site.


While Future E.D.M. has its focus on education, Elena E.D.M. also provides important work in the social and health sector.

Polele Mariama Bocoum Diouf

Khadidiatou Diouf

Codou Samb

Sophie N'diaye

Maimouna Ba

Aby Salane Diouf

Ahassane Ba

Awa Dongo

Meet the team of Elena E.D.M.

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