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Originally intended as a quiet place to learn for our godchildren, our education centre now offers much more...

A place to learn

Since 2016, the education centre in M'Bour has its doors open almost daily, serving as a meeting place for a wide range of activities.

Place of learning


Through monetary and material donations we were able to create a place where our godchildren as well as other children who do not find the necessary peace at home can study undisturbed and prepare for upcoming exams. At the education centre they can find literature for their schoolwork and computers for internet research. On Saturdays, civics classes are held in a playful atmosphere. Here children learn, for example, why and how to wash their hands, what hygiene means and why rubbish should not simply be thrown on the floor.


In the meantime, the library has developed into an educational centre. There are daily courses in mathematics, French, chemistry and physics which children can attend during their holidays or to accompany their schooling.

French lessons for street children

One social challenge in Senegal is the high number of street children, so-called Talibés. Many of them only speak the regional language Wolof. By learning the local language, French, both spoken and written, we enable the Talibés to participate in society. We have a cooperation with a Koranic school that takes care of the Talibés and enables them to receive their school education in the afternoon. Lessons take place three times a week for a total of three months. The French lessons are given by a teacher paid by us. 


Currently, about forty pre-school children are being prepared for primary school in a playful way at the education centre.  


For local organization, we have hired the librarian Pollel in 2016, who has received training in computer science to further improve our administration. Courses are held by volunteers or by professionals sponsored by us. We also cover the costs of rent and maintenance.


In the long term, the centre should be self-financing according to the principle of solidarity. Parents who can afford it pay a kind of membership, for all others the visit and the services are still free.

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