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Clinical Traineeships and internships

Since 2018, Future edm offers internships (clinical traineeships) in Senegal to medical students studying in Germany. This experience not only allows participants to gain knowledge in the  medical sector. but is also a great way to reach a better understanding of life and culture in Western Africa. On top of that, the intern has the opportunity to support our projects on site through direct interaction with our local partner association.


The intern will complete a 2-4 week long internship in a hospital in Senegal, followed by another two weeks  in our education centre. Our concept forsees that the trainee participates in our association in beforehand in order to get to know our projects and ideas. In the long term, we are hoping to expand the program to students of other courses of study and to enable internships for Senegalese students in Germany.

Tasbaski Fest Senegal.jpg

In 2017 Andreas went to Senegal as the first clinical trainee

“Everywhere I met people who were full of passion in order to provide their part for a better future for Senegal. Unforgettable for me will be the children's beaming faces when they received their filled school cones. Remarkable was also the moment when the street children, the so-called Talibés, admired  their certificates proudly."

You are interested in a clinical traineeship?


Then don't hesitate to write us!

We will provide you with more information in a personal meeting.  (During Corona also on phone)

- Knowledge in French
- Interest in Senegalese culture

- Curiosity and time for our projects in Germany and  Senegal

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